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Cashel Crusader Long Nose Fly Masks have been rated the #1 mask by professionals. Soft coated nylon micromesh makes the Crusader Mask durable, soft and comfortable. Design features like the three hole cap and double eye dart construction help to keep the mask in place and out of the eyes while preventing damage to the forelock. The Crusader mask also blocks up to 70% of the sun's damaging UV Rays.

  • Long Nose fly mask (this mask does not have ear nets)
  • Soft coated nylon micromesh is durable and blocks 70% of UV rays
  • Long nose design protects the muzzle from sunburn and biting flies
  • Forelock hole allows the mask to fit more comfortably and keeps the forelock out of the eyes and prevents damage to the hairs
  • Light grey color is heat reflective
  • Double eye darts ensure that the mask stays out of the eyes and off the eyelashes and temples - less irritation means the horse will be less likely to rub the mask off
  • Double velcro closure for a secure, adjustable fit
  • Soft fabric binding prevents rubs
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Very well made - Seem to run large - Nose part seems irritating
Aug 25, 2015
These masks with the nose seem to run larger than the ones without the nose. My large warmblood fits a horse size comfortably. As seen in the picture, the nose part completely covers the horse's nose and that seems to be very irritating to my horses. They snort and try to pull it off immediately, so I have to tie that part up away from their nose. They also get food and dirt that builds up underneath that part. Typically these masks are more expensive than other brands. On this site, they're much less expensive.(Or about the same price if you include shipping). The fit of these masks is great. No gaping holes around the nose like I seem to get in cheaper masks. They last much longer. I've gone through several of these masks, but have never had one tear up. They seem to go missing in the pasture, but it takes a lot longer with these than other fly masks. The closure is reinforced. The fabric is soft and they come in several sizes to ensure fit.
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Well Made, Works Well
Aug 25, 2015
This fly mask is a must have during the summer! It's well made and works great.
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Love it!
Aug 25, 2015
My horse has a funny shaped head so I had to sew this at bit at the top but the fly mask is really durable and lightweight!!!! It's really nice and breathable in the hot summer, especially since we live in the south it is really important to have a great fly mask.
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Keeps my horse's face from getting sun burned!
Aug 19, 2015
Hands down the Cashel Crusador Fly Mask Long is best for protecting my mare's white bald face from getting sun burned. I buy the warmblood size so that if covers her entire nose (sides and all). With the double closure, I'm confident it will stay on. She is wearing the same one from last year, so they last!
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Best Fly Mask
Aug 19, 2015
This fly mask has all the best features. My horse has a huge blaze extending to his entire nose so I love that it protects him from sun burn. I also love his forelock and the opening insures that it doesn't rub and keeps in out of his eyes unlike if it were stuck inside the mask. Fits great, holds up great. Love it!
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My favorite brand of masks!
Aug 19, 2015
Great product! The quality is sturdy and well made. The double velcro stays on. I've never lost a mask. The sizing chart on the back of the packaging is pretty accurate. I have seven masks and seven horses. This is what worked for me... 15.3h, 1,100lb QH wears a HORSE size (long nose + ears), 16.1, 1,250lb QH / Thoroughbred cross wears a HORSE size (long nose + ears), 15.2h 900 - 1000lb Arabian / Saddlebred (small head) wears a HORSE size (standard, no ears). It fits him but I have to overlab the velcro. The smaller arabian / cob size would be a better fit... I do have one of those too (arabian / cob size; standard no ears) My 2yr Belgian Draft / Thoroughbred cross wears it. He's 14.3h and probably only 800lbs. He has a very small head and that one fits him perfectly. My two Belgian Drafts (one is 8yrs, 17.1h 1,800lbs & the other is 2yrs, 17h 1,400lbs. The WARMBLOOD fit both PERFECTLY! Draft size would've been WAY TOO BIG! However, the DRAFT size fits my 18.3h 2,200lb Belgian Great!
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Cashel Crusader Long Nose Fly Mask