Herm Sprenger Special Dressage Weymouth Bit

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The Herm Sprenger Special Weymouth Bit has a high port which is broader in the middle of the mouthpiece leaving more space for the tongue. This bit is ideal for horses who are irritated by a cramped tongue. Features of the Herm Sprenger Special Weymouth include:

  • Large, wide ported center for tongue relief
  • 16mm mouthpiece
  • 13cm cheek
  • 7cm lower cheek
  • Port angled forward 30 degrees

      Available in:

      • Sensogan mouthpiece with Stainless cheeks

        Sensogan metal is an improvement on Sprenger's patented aurigan metal. Sensogan has a reduced copper content as well as added manganese which helps to regulate the oxidation of the bit metal making the taste even more pleasant for the horse. The reduction of copper discharge into the horse's saliva also helps to keep the white gold color of the sensogan bit brilliant for a longer time.

      • Sensogan has improved the properties of aurigan by regulating the oxidative process
      • The bits taste good to the horse and encourage salivation and bit acceptance
      • White gold color has an elegant look
      • Sensogan does not tarnish easily
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BrandHerm Sprenger

Important: Bit Return Policy

Bits are not returnable unless they have never been inside a horse's mouth. This is for the health and safety of our customers.

If there are signs that the bit has been in a horse's mouth including:

  • Frosted
  • Bite or teeth marks
  • Signs bit was washed
  • Tags removed

The returned bit will not be eligible for refund.

New, unused bits that have never been inside a horse's mouth may be returned within 60 days of purchase. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Herm Sprenger Special Dressage Weymouth Bit