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Ricochet Horse Fly and Coat Spray is a herbal coat conditioner with citronella that protects against the damages of the sun and insect bites while promoting a healthy, shiny coat.

Horses are constantly exposed to the harmful rays of the sun and the painful bites of insects. You need an herbal spray that goes beyond conditioning the coat in order to truly provide them with everything that they need. What you need is a natural conditioning spray that protects the coat from sun damage and effectively conditions the skin against pesky insects.

Ricochet Horse Liniment Spray contains a proprietary blend of natural and essential oils. The formula contains the highest concentration of citronella in any horse spray available today. The natural combination leaves the coat healthy, manageable and shiny while protecting against harmful UV rays and skin damage caused by insects. No harmful ingredients, irritants, silicone, permethrins or insecticides. Will not harm the lungs when sprayed or make it difficult to breathe for you or your horse.

Use anywhere on the body, face, mane, tail and ears to protect the coat and skin. Apply regularly to condition the coat for a healthy, lustrous shine. Apply on show day for instant sheen without the risk of slipping tack or equipment. Effectively softens the coat and protects against sun and the damages of bug bites. Safe to apply daily to soften and condition your horse’s coat.


  • Powerful insect damage defense: Formulated with potent essential oils that are well-known for conditioning the coat against insect and fly bite damage, including citronella. Safe to spray directly on fly sheets, bandages and blankets for extra protection against insect damage to the skin.
  • Sun damage protection: Defends the coat from sun damage. UV protectant prevents dull coats, fading and sun bleaching. Great for protection of dark colored horses exposed to sunlight.
  • Natural coat conditioner: Natural oils and essential oils soften and protect the coat while adding shine. Ideal regular maintenance for a visibly healthy mane, tail and coat.
  • Instant show ring shine: Natural formula gives the coat an instant sheen and brings out natural highlights for the perfect show day look. Use before the competition to keep coat conditioned, healthy and show ready. Use during the show to give a gorgeous, polished shine.
  • Safe and gentle formula: No synthetic fragrances or ingredients that irritate the skin or lungs. No permethrins or other harmful insecticides. Safe to use on the face, ears, mane, tail and anywhere on the body. Safe enough for your own skin.
  • No mess or residue: The formula will not leave an oily or greasy residue. No added silicons to leave the hair slick or cause tack and equipment to slip.
  • Fresh, citrus scent: Pleasant aroma is appealing to people without being overpowering and making it difficult to breathe.
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Confused about the 3 formula's of Sore No-More? Use this handy guide to decide which formula is right for you. 


Common Liniment Ingredients banned by FEI and USEF:

  • Capsaicin 
  • Menthol
  • Lavender 
  • Lobelia

All Sore No-More products are Capsaicin and Methol free; however, only the Sore No-More Performance Ultra is approved for all competitions. 

  • Sore No-More Original contains Lobelia - a prohibited substance from FEI. Lobelia is a genus which contains a substantial number of subspecies which have been used for many centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Most notably, when used internally, Lobelia is credited with regulating asthmatic conditions due to anti-inflammatory qualities.  While equine liniments use it topically for this purpose, it is because of the respiratory enhancements that this herb is banned by the FEI and USEF.
  • Sore No-More Performance contains Lavender, a prohibited substance by USEF. Lavender is one of the most known herbs due to its fragrance and popularity as an essential oil to have on hand for aiding in relaxation, relief from headaches and tension and anxiety. It is classified as a nerve tonic when used internally. Most horse people will use it topically since it is often in liniments and lotions currently on the market. It is however, not allowed to be used during USEF competition levels due to its anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic properties on the skin. If you are not competing and are able to use lavender, it is a delightful plant to be able to enjoy and have your horses reap the benefits of. 
  • Sore No-More Performance Ultra does not contain any banned ingredients and is safe to use on competition horses. 
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Ricochet Horse Spray