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The ThinLine+ English Half Pad is an open cell foam 1/4 inch thick possessing multiple benefits previously unknown to equestrians. This Thinline+ pad is perfect for young horses, lesson horses, horses with chronic back pain, or those that spend hours at a time under saddle (trail, endurance) or in high impact situations (gaming, show jumping). This ThinLine+ pad is designed to be used on top of your regular pad, directly under your saddle.

ThinLine+ Pads Benefits:

  • The most impact protection for the horse's back
  • Creates better saddle fit
  • Prevents injury to horse and rider backs
  • Helps distribute weight evenly over areas where the saddle may not fit perfectly while building muscle
  • Unlike neoprene, ThinLine will never generate heat and has never caused a skin reaction in horses.


  • The most durable product on the market
  • Life span of a ThinLine pad is typically 7 to 10 years
  • Unlike gel, ThinLine is lightweight and breathable
  • Aids in front to back saddle slippage.
  • Will not move away from pressure points
  • Trusted by FEI veterinarians, equine chiropractors, equine massage therapists, UK society of master saddlers and top equestrians.

    Why Choose ThinLine? and What is it?

    Most equine products work on a compression basis, meaning they compress then spring back or, like gel, move away from pressure. What makes ThinLine unique is its technology. ThinLine is an open-cell foam which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally.

    How it works - when warmed to body temperature by work and exercise, ThinLine's texture and suppleness will allow the products to mold to the horse's back for a custom fit. ThinLine returns to its original shape at room temperature and will mold every day for every horse.

    If you need to prevent side to side and front to back saddle slippage, choose the ThinLine Contour Pads. If you would like a saddle pad with more wither profile or spine clearance, take a look at the ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad or the Trifecta with Sheepskin Rolls.

    Care Instructions: Can be wiped clean (ThinLine cleaning wipes), hosed off, soaked, bleached, or even machine washed (some machines may catch them, so a front loader is best) in cold water. Mild soaps and detergents can be used, BUT PLEASE DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER! Hang to dry if neeeded.

    Keep your ThinLine AWAY from chemicals such as SHOW SHEEN.

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ThinLine+ Half Pad - Closeout