Amigo Bravo 12 Reflectech Plus Medium 250g

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The Amigo Bravo 12 Reflectech Plus Medium Rug is a waterproof turnout that is the ultimate protection from wet and cold winter weather. The medium weight rug is distinct from the rest in that it incorporates reflective yarn that is woven into the polyester outer to help visibility. This turnout is durable, waterproof, warm and versatile. The Plus turnouts come with the neck rug included so you can provide your horse with extra protection in inclement weather. The Amigo Bravo 12 Reflectech Plus also has three belly surcingles, Horseware’s patented V-front closure, front and rear leg arches and are compatible with the Horseware liner system which allows you to attached liners of differing weights into your turnout to make it even warmer.

  • Waterproof and breathable 1200 denier outer shell
  • 250g of warm insulation in the rug (no removeable liner included)
  • Shine enhancing polyester lining
  • Removable neck rug included
  • Patented V-Front closure
  • Three low cross surcingles
  • Surefit neck design
  • Leg arches that allow the blanket to wrap around the belly without restricting the shoulders and eliminate the need for heavy shoulder darts
  • Compatible with the Horseware liner system allowing to easily change a rug’s weight depending on the weather
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My horse loves this blanket!
Feb 26, 2024
My horse loves this blanket! And I love the reflective technology, easy closure front clips and tail strap. Warm and easy to put on/take off.
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Follow these easy steps to safely clean, waterproof and store your blankets for next year.

Step 1: If your blanket is caked with mud or really dirty, gently hose blanket off before washing.

Step 2: If your blanket has a lot of horse hair stuck in lining, you may want to vacuum as much hair as possible out (this is why we prefer smooth nylon lined blankets!)

Step 3: Wash in a FRONT Loader washing machine (do NOT use an agitator style washing machine - the agitator damages the fabric and can permanently ruin the fiber fill insulation).

  • Use cold water
  • Use the bulky item cycle if your machine has it
  • Use the low spin speed cycle
  • Use a detergent specially made to maintain waterproofing - we use and recommend Rambo Blanket Wash

Step 4: Hang your blankets on a fence to dry (do NOT put in dryer as it will ruin waterproofing and can damage the fabric).

Do NOT Use Agitator Style Washer
Agitators can damage the outer shell of your blanket and compromise the fiber fill distribution. Blanket manufacturers will not honor warranty claims if blanket is washed in an agitator style machine.
Use a Front Loading Machine
If your front loading machine has a bulky cycle, use it. We recommend cold water and a low spin speed.
Hang Blankets on Fence to Dry
Do NOT put your turnout blankets in a dryer. The heat ruins the waterproofing and can damage the outer shell.

Check for waterproofness and re-waterproof if necessary

Step 5. Once your blankets are clean and dry, now is a good time to see if they are still waterproof. Take a cup of water, and pour over blanket. Water should bead up and roll off, if not, it is time to re-waterproof. 

Failed Waterproofing Test

Test your turnout blanket waterproofing

Passed Waterproofing Test

We treated this old turnout with Dry Guys Waterproofing.

Step 6 (Optional): Re-waterproof your turnouts. Trust us, do it now, so when it is 35 degrees and pouring next Fall and you need your blanket waterproof, you will be glad you didn't procrastinate! We like Dry Guys Waterproofing Spray (also comes in a concentrate). Spray your blanket evenly with the Dry Guys. Let it dry and do a second coat. One regular bottle does 2 blankets well. 

Step 7 (Optional): If your blanket has any nicks or tears, you can repair them easily using Rambo Stormsure and Rambo Rug Repair Kit. You can also replace leg straps and tail cords if they are worn.

Step 8. Store safely for next year. If you have the original blanket bag, you can use it or we also like using the Space Bags. If using a Space Bag, you may want to put the content details on an paper insert (easier to read then writing on bag).  Be sure to store in a rodent free area - it would be a big bummer to find a hole chewed in your carefully cleaned and stored blanket!

Trust us, next winter pulling your fresh, clean, waterproof blanket out of its storage bag will be ALMOST as rewarding as buying a new one!

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Amigo Bravo 12 Reflectech Plus Medium 250g