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The Back on Track Neck Brace is a soft brace that can aid in pain relief and healing of neck injuries. Designed in cooperation with the Swedish Patient Rehabilitation Organization, for sufferers of whiplash injury, the brace wraps around the neck and surrounding shoulder area where the ceramic infused fabric reflects body heat to provide soothing warmth and increase circulation. This is not a rigid support and cannot replace a cervical collar, but it can help to speed the healing process and loosen tight muscles.

The neck brace fastens with Velcro (in the front) and conforms to the upper part of the thoracic spine, which is often involved in neck injury and related pain. Though the vertebrae in the neck are often the perceived site of pain, it frequently emanates from the first few thoracic vertebrae.

  • For best results it is recommended to wear the neck brace in contact with your skin
  • If the pain involves your shoulder, the T-Shirts are certainly the products of choice, as they fully envelope the site. In fact, the neck brace and the T-Shirts fit nicely together, and can actually complement each other

To size your brace, measure the circumference of the neck.

  • Sizes:
  • Small fits 14 inches,
  • Medium fits 15 inches,
  • Large fits 17 inches
  • XL fits 18 inches
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Back on Track Neck Cover