Equiderma Neem and Aloe Herbal Horse Spray 32oz

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Equiderma Outdoor Spray is a natural blend of Essential oils including neem oil to block both bugs and funky skin issues. Free of Deet, Pyrethrins and Permethrin, Equiderma Outdoor Spray prevents a plethora of issues including skin fungus, bacterial infections and insect bites with natural essential oils and herbs so it's safe for you, your horse and the environment.

Neem Extract is an Essential oil powerhouse when it comes to blocking biting insects as it acts in the following ways:

  • Disrupts the development of insect eggs, larvae, or pupae
  • Blocks the molting of larvae or nymphs
  • Disrupts insect mating and sexual communication
  • Repels larvae and adults
  • Stops female insects from laying eggs
  • Sterilizes adult flies
  • Stops feeding
  • Blocks the fly's ability to "swallow"
  • Sends metamorphosis awry at various stages

    This all means that, when an insect comes in contact with the Equiderma Spray, they become a neurological disaster. If an insect comes in contact with even a microdroplet, they can no longer feed, breed or come to maturity. Over time the population in your barn will vastly diminish.

  • Equiderma is also great for the skin and coat. Each essential oil has its own particular benefit as a repellent and regular use will also reduce the chance of any funky skin issues getting a foothold. The best part is you can use it on yourself too and it smells lovely.

    Ingredients: Aqueous extract of Neem Leaf, Aloe Vera Gel, Neem Oil, Red Cedar Oil, Eucalyptus, White Thyme, Lemongrass, Citronella, Lemon Peel, Tea Tree and Lavender

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    Equiderma Neem and Aloe Herbal Horse Spray 32oz