Flexible Filly Turnout Halter

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The Flexible Filly halter was designed to go with the Flexible Fill Grazing muzzle.  Designed with comfort in mind, this grazing muzzle halter has features that make installing and using the Flexible Filly grazing muzzle a breeze. It's unique design features strategically placed "keepers" that attach your muzzle to the halter. These keepers ensure your grazing muzzle is secured in the correct position, helps prevent rups and shifting. This specially designed halter keeps your muzzle perfectly placed and secured in the correct position. 

How to use

Simply thread the muzzle holder ties through the halter and secure the muzzle in place. Strategically placed keepers sit in the perfect positions to fasten your muzzle to this breakaway halter for your horses comfort. 


Available in four sizes; pony, cob, horse, and oversize.  The halter intentionally does not have an adjustable noseband.  You might feel the noseband is a little roomy when you receive it but please go ahead and attach your muzzle.  This muzzle was re-designed like this for the best in rub-free comfort.

Due to supply chain disruptions, halter hardware color may vary.

For additional comfort add the Thinline Halter Padding Kit.

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Flexible Filly Turnout Halter