One K Helmet

One K Helmets are our number 1 selling helmet brand! Great styles and removable, replaceable, interchangeable liners mean you always have the perfect fit and a clean helmet. Get a free extra liner when you buy a One K Helmet from Adams.

If a One K Helmet does not come in your size, you can easily change the liner for a perfect fit. The liners also provide ultimate flexibility for growing children, shared helmets, or women who wear hair differently for schooling and show! Three shells make up all sizes. The base shells are Medium, Large and X-Large. Use the Medium size helmet with a Small or X-Small liner to change the fit of the Medium helmet into a Small or X-Small. Use the Large size helmet with an X-Large liner to change the fit to X-Large. Use the X-Large size helmet with the XX-Large liner to change the fit to XX-Large.

One K Helmet Replacement Liners

One K Click N Go Sunglasses

Many One K Helmets are Compatible with the Kiick n Go Sunglasses! Protect your eyes from sun without the bulk of sunglasses. These glasses attach magnetically to 2 ports on compatible helmets.

One K Accident Replacement Policy

One K Helmet Accident Replacement Policy

Replacement period is 3 years from date of purchase

If you are ever in an accident, English Riding Supply, the distributors of Ovation Helmets, will replace your One K Helmet at the cost listed below.

Important Notice: Helmets involved in accidents should be replaced and not worn again. 


English Riding Supply

C/O Accident Replacement

520 Kane Street 

Scranton, PA 18505

Please include in your return:

Damaged helmet
Copy of your purchase receipt (Contact Adams if you cannot locate)
Signed and dated letter describing accident
Contact information
Check, money order or credit card payable to English Riding Supply

Helmet Replacement Cost by Style

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