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Proposition 65 Warning for California Residents (click for more info)

Sore No-More The Sauce is a herbal, pain-reliever combined with tinctured iodine for effective treatment of skin and hoof conditions, infections and abscesses.

Skin and hoof conditions like thrush, rain rot, sweet itch, and abscesses can cause severe discomfort, pain, and inflammation. You need more than a simple iodine solution to remedy the condition. You need a powerful pain reliever that’s shown to reduce infection, discomfort and inflammation all while being gentle on the skin and eradicating the fungal or bacterial problem.

The Sauce contains Sore No-More classic equine liniment as its base. This time-tested herbal liniment contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The classic blend of arnica, rosemary, lavender, witch hazel and lobelia combined with special tinctured iodine does more than treat skin and hoof conditions. The formula draws out heat, fluid, and toxins while promoting circulation and cooling the affected area. The Sauce acts as a powerful analgesic, antifungal, and antibacterial solution to tackle the most challenging hoof and skin conditions.


Sugardine pastes or dressings have been trusted for many years by farriers and veterinarians to draw out abscesses, treat thrush and fight other common hoof ailments. Traditionally, povidone iodine or betadine is combined with white sugar to make a paste and applied to the hoof. Using The Sauce in place of plain iodine or betadine creates a more powerful, effective paste than a traditional sugardine. Simply combine your ingredients with a ratio of approximately 40% sugar to 60% The Sauce. Paint on the hooves or use as a hoof pack. See our Product Video for tips on mixing a sugardine for your horse.


  • Effective skin and hoof remedy: Powerful antibacterial and antifungal formula heals tough skin and hoof conditions including thrush, rain rot, sweet itch, scratches and other infectious, dermal conditions. Use at full strength to treat and cool the affected area.
  • Pain and inflammation relief: Topical analgesic provides pain relief while drawing out heat, toxins and fluid. Can be painted on the hooves to relieve tender soles and bruises.
  • Powerful abscess treatment: Effectively pulls out abscesses while relieving pain, promoting circulation and cooling the area. Best used as a soak, hoof pack or sugardine for abscess treatment. For an effective soak dilute 1 part The Sauce with 6 to 8 parts water. Can be safely used at full strength if desired.
  • Prevention of skin and hoof ailments: Apply to the hooves and lower limbs to strengthen hooves and prevent abscesses, bacterial and fungal infections. Gentle formula can be used safely on a daily basis. 
  • Safe alternative for sensitive skin: The Sauce is made with herbal ingredients as a safer alternative to plain betadine or povidone iodine. Excellent choice for horses with sensitive skin or reactions to traditional liniments.
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Confused about the 3 formula's of Sore No-More? Use this handy guide to decide which formula is right for you. 


Common Liniment Ingredients banned by FEI and USEF:

  • Capsaicin 
  • Menthol
  • Lavender 
  • Lobelia

All Sore No-More products are Capsaicin and Methol free; however, only the Sore No-More Performance Ultra is approved for all competitions. 

  • Sore No-More Original contains Lobelia - a prohibited substance from FEI. Lobelia is a genus which contains a substantial number of subspecies which have been used for many centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Most notably, when used internally, Lobelia is credited with regulating asthmatic conditions due to anti-inflammatory qualities.  While equine liniments use it topically for this purpose, it is because of the respiratory enhancements that this herb is banned by the FEI and USEF.
  • Sore No-More Performance contains Lavender, a prohibited substance by USEF. Lavender is one of the most known herbs due to its fragrance and popularity as an essential oil to have on hand for aiding in relaxation, relief from headaches and tension and anxiety. It is classified as a nerve tonic when used internally. Most horse people will use it topically since it is often in liniments and lotions currently on the market. It is however, not allowed to be used during USEF competition levels due to its anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic properties on the skin. If you are not competing and are able to use lavender, it is a delightful plant to be able to enjoy and have your horses reap the benefits of. 
  • Sore No-More Performance Ultra does not contain any banned ingredients and is safe to use on competition horses. 

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